Safety in clinics can be at risk: the experience of a nurse

Safety in clinics can be compromised by drunk and drug-addicted persons, who become violent and aggressive.

The experience of a nurse and healthcare worker at a healthcare clinic in Sweden gives us the idea of how dangerous can be working in emergency and healthcare facilities.



My incident take place at an emergency clinic. It was a late weekend in the end of a week. This was the summer holidays and there where new employees also me. Hospital environment takes several alarms. The police and ambulance working side by side with nurses and doctors. In the waiting room many people waiting for hours. Somehow, they just need to leave blood samples, to get refilled prescriptions or making an x-ray done.

Usually, it is an in- and outflow continue routine, in this case, not this time. To much people waiting for taking care of made me stop and think for a while. In the waiting room sits homeless and drunk people, the language is a barrier. Violence in this scenario includes no sort of arrangement. Kindness against agitated person succeeds. Basic needs seems effortless without struggle handed. Help needs to reach out. More similar incidents follows if severity are ignored. For example both violent and dangerous incidents can take place anywhere in scenes of accident. First attend is safety. Next watch over which type of situation is necessary to scan the scene.

Rescue patient in danger, access risk factors, do a prevention function, set up a collective approach so that violence incidence doesn´t happen again. Follow safety-precautions, write a checklist and do a back-report to your management in order to gain support. Apply your skills in the field if it´s not a danger to others life, do not put any team member at risk, avoid insecurity among aggressive groups. Time is a central factor, and severe, if it is a matter which includes the caution of life and death. It depends on time if there is about do acting that can save a life.

Issues with security increase with deficient personnel. The lack of reflections afterwards shift can be a cause, also a risk for violence can be like a stair which ladder can break down. Staff can be divided into two groups careful or tolerant. In my case, I count with the misfortune to be one reason why damage happen. An explanation to injures rise at weekends are due to the high amount alcohol intake. Despite its illegal to drive drunk many road accidents occur.


My reflection over the case study affects workload in a general field. I was able to help, even give some fluid and medication. Sometimes problems are solved in a short moment. That situation was an injection needed to calm down an aggressive person. What ethics in my case is to be and stay secure and calm around others who are worried. Lesson learn is to take safety first and be aware about the after effects of threat scenario.

Everyone knows their roll in the team and acting for good service. I select a recent issue which could have been even worse though. Potential risk could have been a danger for somebodys life. Calling for more experience would be my next step to deal with a further problem. It is easier to prevent an accident then to cure it when its already taken place.

How to be able to do service engagement are significant. In either context, there are changes to take care of and maintain safe. A consideration along diseases and health status. If someone might be or put in a danger or risk situation that could cause harm, show empathy, demonstrate good behavior and bring protection. Give essential treatment. To understand the concept to not inter any kind of threat. Once safety causes beeing hold, provide good care, have close contact among others nearby. Inform if needed, make mostly damage accuse to lower risk. In exceptional case interfere units an emergency plan what can reflect thoughts after a misson.

Orientation such as contribution are keys to enable trust. Secure the enviroment and build gateways. Increased awareness could stop consequences or protect the society. When security-issues are beeing faced in peaceful surroundings the team-leader have to do a call due to debrief. Situations, where people are in need, needs to be marked. I was suprised that how well you are prepared before, amounts of things, included self-evidence are not always for sure. Mistakes may occor, on the other hand, only if the right answer on the reason why are told, stories can get a purpose. Violence incidents must have an objective study approach. Challenge is to know what to do and act right or wrong, be straight professional and obtain correct move in every single given point. Humanitarian efforts should reach access to disaster area.