Air Ambulance Week 2020 - Prince William personally thanks ambulance workers

Prince William wishes to commemorate the Air Ambulance Week 2020 with a personal letter for all ambulance workers who serve patients across Britain.

Prince William wrote a heartfelt letter for air ambulance workers on the occasion of the Air Ambulance Week 2020, which he shared on Instagram.


Prince William and Air Ambulance: after being a helicopter pilot, now he thanks ambulance workers

“Having seen first-hand the incredible work of air ambulance teams both on the front line and behind the scenes, I hold a profound respect for all that you do,” wrote Prince William. “Whether you are part of the critical care team bringing vital medical support to patients when every second count; an engineer who ensures that crews can be safely deployed at a moment’s notice; or a volunteer working to keep the service running, the country owes you an enormous debt of gratitude,” he added. Alongside the letter, the official Instagram account of the royal family also shared photos of the members meeting the air ambulance crew.

The News International reports the caption: “The Duke of Cambridge has written an open letter to the UK’s 21 air ambulance charities, thanking all who work, volunteer and support them in their tireless efforts in helping to save lives every day.”


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