The first drone airport to transport blood bags will be in Rwanda

RWANDA – The Great Lakes region will offer a new project to its population. Against expectations, Rwanda will host the first drone airport in the world. An incredible and positive piece of news for Africa. Almost 23 years ago, Rwanda witnessed a cruel genocide, and despite it is considered one of the poorest African country, Rwanda is facing a powerful development without comparisons.

Because of street connection and lack of means to activate prompt rescue operations, in case of floods and catastrophes, many always die of malaria and other becterial infections without treatment because of the distance from healthcare centers.

Around 25% of population die each year because of infections and diseases which could be solved and cured with a blood transfusion.

The Zipline startup supported by the Rwandan government, with the collaboration of american UPS started the construction of the drone airport. The aim is to create a link with at least 5 hospitals. Later, according to the project, should be 45 the hospitals to be linked by this  special airport.

These drones weigh around 22 kilos and use a gps signal to transport material of maximum 10 kilos up to 75 miles of distance. Once they reach the place, they drop the content with a parachute from 500 meters of height.

With the help of these special ‘mail carriers’, the transport of blood bags for transfusion will be easier, quicker and efficient. Hospitals and transfusion centers will be finally able to treat their patients properly. Proved that streets in Rwanda are not in good status, transportations with drones would be the best solution.

According to the authorities and Rwandian government, which is also collaborating with the Losanna Federal Technical Institute, communicates that the structure will be probably ready within 2020.

Source: Gli Occhi della Guerra

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