Cortisone, answers to the most common doubts

Cortisone is a drug with anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties that has revolutionised medicine and is a real lifesaver for many patients

Its action reduces or prevents the inflammatory response and modifies the body’s response to certain immune stimuli.

It can be useful in treating conditions such as allergies, arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis and dermatological disorders.

Let’s clear up the most common doubts about its use.

Does cortisone make you fat?

One of the fears most often associated with this drug is that it makes you fat.

It increases the feeling of hunger and can retain fluids.

However, if you follow a diet in which calories are controlled, these side effects are reduced.

Only in some heart patients is a diuretic prescribed.

In addition, it tends to redistribute body fat and gives the face a rounder, fuller appearance.

The reduction in muscle mass, on the other hand, causes the limbs to become thinner.

Does cortisone make people more easily ill?

It is an immunosuppressant and can therefore lower the immune defences with the risk of incurring infectious, viral or microbial events that can however be treated with antibiotics and/or antivirals.

This risk is modest and depends on the dosage of cortisone, the duration of therapy and the presence of other risk factors or comorbidities.

Does cortisone interfere with sleep quality?

Cortisone may have an excitatory effect, in which case it is best to discuss this with your doctor, who will assess whether to reduce the dosage or to use mild sedatives or drugs to aid sleep.

Does cortisone damage the skin?

In younger patients it may worsen an acne condition, while in older people its intake makes the skin more fragile.

Only in rare cases does the administration of cortisone follow an increase in hairiness.

Finally, it is advisable to expose oneself to the sun in moderation.

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