Covid, WHO: "In 7 days more than 4.4 million cases (+2%). 4.4 million deaths also"

Covid, WHO announces that the number of deaths remains stable: more than 66,000 this week, for a total since the start of the pandemic of almost 4.4 million

The weekly WHO bulletin on Covid

The World Health Organisation’s weekly bulletin reports that the number of covid-positive cases reported worldwide between 9 and 15 August exceeded 4.4 million (+2% from the previous week), bringing the total number of infections to more than 206 million since the start of the pandemic.

The number of deaths remains stable: over 66,000 this week, bringing the total since the start of the pandemic to almost 4.4 million.

In Europe, there has been a decrease in the number of new cases per week compared to the world average (1%), with 1,134,516 infections recorded in the last seven days, or 26% of the total, one of the highest shares after the Americas, which account for 34%.

WHO: ‘Covid deaths down 3%: 10,495 this week, after 6 weeks of increase’

The Western Pacific region and the Americas are the main areas causing the increase in infections, with increases of 14% and 8% respectively compared to the previous week.

The WHO bulletin also highlights that in the African region there is a large percentage decrease in the incidence of cases and deaths, respectively -23% and -18%.

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