Do you wash your hands correctly? A Japanese artificial intelligence will check it out

Japanese artificial intelligence controls if you wash your hands correctly. We cannot neglect hygiene, especially in this period.

A monitor with artificial intelligence will ensure the correct way to wash your hands. this idea comes from Japan. The importance of washing hands cannot be underestimated, and not because of the coronavirus, but for our hygiene and for others.


Japan says, “wash your hands correctly!”

It is the Japanese giant Fujitsu Ltd. that developed this method to push people in hands cleaning. This technology will be for healthcare professionals, hotels and the food industry.

This kind of technology has been developed before the pandemic at the request of many Japanese companies interested in implementing hygiene regulations. This way of monitoring is able to recognize complex hand movements and detect when people do not use soap or do not clean properly, following the “six-step” protocol indicated by the Ministry of Health.


Artificial intelligence to better wash your hands

Genta Suzuki, a senior researcher at the group declared, “the food and healthcare professionals we have tested the technology on are eager to use the system as soon as possible, but we still don’t know when it will be ready for the market.” In order to train that artificial intelligence machine, Fujitsu developers have created 2,000 handwashing models using different soaps and sinks.



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