Italy, Congress of Paediatricians: in the paediatric clinic of the future more diagnostics and less antibiotics

Paediatric clinic, Reggiani (Usl Imola) at XXXIII Sipss Congress: “Practical guide with Sicupp-Fimp”

The paediatric clinic of the future: ol paediatrician at the centre of child health management

This is one of the objectives of the SIPPS-SICuPP-FIMP Practical Guide presented by paediatrician Lamberto Reggiani: “To succeed in avoiding as far as possible bacterial resistance to antibiotics, a problem which is certainly on the increase and which is related to the sometimes incorrect use of antibiotics”, the doctor explains.

Urine tests or swabs for streptococcus “are quick, easy to perform, inexpensive and can be inserted perfectly into the paediatrician’s daily routine”, explains Reggiani.

Alongside these tests, “after appropriate training courses, more advanced diagnostics could also be included, such as electrocardiograms, ultrasound scans or allergometric skin tests”.

The aim is to enable a first-level paediatric clinic “to act as a filter, reducing antibiotic prescriptions and unnecessary referrals of patients to specialists”

The paediatric outpatient clinic thus conceived”, the specialist guarantees, “would become a place where the circle around the patients is closed, being able to do whatever is necessary, based on the paediatrician’s greater and more specific skills”.

Such a clinic could also represent a saving for the National Health System.

“If more health homes were created, for example, where more paediatricians would visit and perform all these tests, this would definitely improve territorial healthcare and limit access to second level facilities such as emergency rooms.

Reggiani points out that these rapid tests could also be carried out in the same hospital, thus reducing the time spent by children and families”.


To date, the Italian situation “is patchy”, explains Reggiani, “there are areas where, thanks also to the intervention of the Regions, agreements for the execution of these tests in paediatric outpatient clinics have been facilitated and doctors have also been financially supported in making the investments.

While there are other regions where the reality is different’. The Guide’s attempt ‘is precisely to make professionals understand what a paediatric outpatient clinic of the future can be.

We would like the possibility of carrying out tests to become widespread and thus allow paediatricians to have a different relationship with families, who often, driven by anxiety, resort to the Emergency Department even when it would be avoidable”, the doctor concludes.

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