Defibrillator in companies in Italy, with INAIL insurance discounts you can achieve total cost reduction

Defibrillator in the company, with OT23 2021 Inail insurance costs are lowered to the point of completely amortising the investment cost: a guide to the INAIL model for companies

Every year in Italy, there are about 60,000 victims of cardiac arrest, one every 8 minutes, and they account for 8% of all deaths.

The need for defibrillators in companies: 5% of cardiac arrests occur in the workplace

It means that more than 70 workers a week in Italy suffer a cardiac arrest while at work.

Timely defibrillation and resuscitation can save lives.

In fact, the survival rate after cardiac arrest is 2% and rises to 75% if defibrillation operations start within 4 minutes.

It is why INAIL encourages the adoption of defibrillators in companies, a really simple tool to use with great life-saving potential

The INAIL form to submit the application for interventions about the prevention and protection of health and safety in the workplace adopted by companies is called OT23 (also called OT23 form or OT23 model).

Let’s see, below in detai,l how to maximise the savings each year for the company, how to submit the OT23 2021 form and above all bring cardioprotection into the workplace.

The average rate reduction per prevention is based on a points system and takes into account the number of workers/year.

Defibrillator and BLSD courses are worth 40 points, and company thermography is worth 60 points.

In the first year, you can buy the defibrillator and take the BLSD training course together with the thermography.

In the second year, you only need to submit the defibrillator maintenance contract. So, you can reapply with a 90% reduction in investment and repeat the thermography (which costs approximately €500).

These two interventions added together will allow the company to reach the 100 points needed to submit the application and make the company a safer place to work.

In most of the companies identified, the discount that can be obtained each year is much higher than the cost of the safety measures.


Defibrillator in companies: the application must be submitted by 27 February 2022 (OT23 2021 deadline)

Through the form OT23 2021, it will be possible to ask for a reduction of the rate applied by Inail for the year 2022 on the basis of the interventions carried out in 2021, according to the number of workers/year.

At this link, you can download the latest version of Model OT23 2021 pdf for the application for the reduction of the average rate of INAIL rate for prevention for the year 2022 (the model contains the guide to compilation):

Table of reduction of the average INAIL premium rate for prevention in the company:
Workers – year reduction
Up to 10 workers: 28%
From 11 to 50 workers: 18%
From 51 to 200 workers: 10%
Over 200 workers: 5%.

Below is a practical example:

Assumptions for a company with 11 to 50 workers:

  • Actual wages paid the year 2021 €400,000 – Average rate per item 80 per thousand -> INAIL premium 2021 €32,000;
  • No fluctuation due to accident trend;
  • Acceptance of OT23 application submitted in 2022 relating to 2021 measures;
  • Based on workers year OT23 reduction granted of 18%.

Effects in 2022:

  • 18% reduction in average tariff rate;
  • INAIL premium 2022= €26,240;
  • The company will pay a rate of 65 per thousand instead of 80, saving €5,760 per year.

Emd112® offers a particularly advantageous ad hoc solution for companies, with 2 proposed interventions:

  • 40 Points – Installation of a defibrillator in the company and 5-hour BLSD training course.

Approximate cost: €40/month through operational rental or €1,400 approx.

This video shows an example of using the defibrillator:

  • 60 Points – Thermographic analysis of one or more parts of the electrical installation and implementation of corrective actions.

Indicative cost: €450-1,000 depending on the size of the company’s electrical installation.

The thermographic inspection is simple and non-invasive.

Regularly carried out on electrical equipment, it makes it possible to detect, in time and with a high degree of reliability, those abnormal temperatures and energy losses that may be indicative of malfunctions, preventing the onset of a fault, the triggering of a fire or machine downtime and thus reducing maintenance and repair costs

Emd112®, in collaboration with ISO9712, certified thermographers is a partner for companies in the training, defibrillators purchasing, and cardioprotection equipment.

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OT23 2021: guida al modello INAIL per le aziende

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