With Orion at Reas 2021, Maxima reaches its peak: 'double objective, endurance and versatility

Certainly, it is the spearhead of the Orion fleet: we are talking about Maxima, of course. An ambulance that represents really a dream for Italian rescuers

Maxima, a means of transport that Luca Androsoni presents to us with satisfaction and pride

It’s the ambulance of the moment,” says Orion’s sales manager, “The Maxima project was born with a dual objective: strength and versatility.

Twenty months of design and development to achieve a new way of production: a result – Luca Androsoni observes with satisfaction the sanitary compartment of the rescue vehicle – that is very functional.

The innovative sanitary compartment of MAXIMA:

“Maxima stands out for an innovative production system of the ambulance, which leads to having the whole sanitary compartment composed of a modular panelling inside which a structural metal reinforcement, an insulating surface and the inner lining in ASA have been placed,” explains Luca Androsoni.

Asa is a polymeric plastic based on styrene. It is resistant, non-deformable, scratchproof and corrosion-resistant.

But the new control unit on the Orion outfitting is also innovative, “a technological miracle,” says Mr Androsoni: “The control panel is the largest in its category, with a resistive screen.

From the control unit, you can access any element of the sanitary compartment.

Management is intuitive and allows you to control, for example, the level of the batteries, that of the vehicle and that of the sanitary compartment, the sterilisation system (the Pure Health, ed.) and the various possibilities of managing the air conditioning, suction and ventilation.

From the same screen, you can also manage the side step, if it is electric, the secretion aspirator, and the possibility of connecting the second battery to the first in case the vehicle runs out of battery”.


The spaces created in MAXIMA’s sanitary compartment:

“When designing the MAXIMA we left nothing to chance, trying to find as much space as possible, sometimes even hidden: there is never enough space in an ambulance.

The concept of the high cabinets is also completely new: the double piston and internal lighting, and the possibility for the operator to see, through the transparency of the surface, the material contained inside”, explains the Orion sales manager.

“Another element that has proved very popular with our users is the mobile racks, which are suitable for housing various devices, even those of different volumes”.

The design of the ambulance seems to have left nothing to chance: the interior features attractive and comfortable lines.

But that’s not all: “the air conditioning ducting,” Luca Androsoni concludes, “was made of styrene, a surface material used in operating theatres and all hospital and healthcare departments, to ensure maximum sanitation and attention to hygiene.

But, in addition to all these aspects, one MAXIMA’s main part concerns the panelling: the production method of these fittings is the only one on the market that does not involve either cutting or welding on the chassis.

The height is also the highest in the category: on both the FIAT Ducato and the Volkswagen Crafter, the height can easily reach 1.80 metres”.

MAXIMA’s main fittings are on the Volkswagen Crafter and Fiat Ducato, which are certainly the most popular vehicles with Italian rescue workers.

And working with reliable and well-known vehicles is already a winning approach to medical intervention.

The booth of Orion at Reas 2021:
Pad. / Padiglione 8 – Stand D18 – E17
Stand C18 – D17 / Stand E20 – Stand E21

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