Corona Devi, the new goddess invoked in India to be protected from Coronavirus

From West Bengal, India, people found a new way to defeat coronavirus. They started to pray a new goddess they call “Corona Devi” or “Corona Mai”, which should protect people who praise her from COVID-19 infection.

This new idea of cure COVID arrives by a group of women who started to invoke Corona Devi. The new goddess that should protect from coronavirus has to be praised with a specific ritual called “Corona Devi Puja”, based on incense and flowers.

Women in West Bengal arranged this “Puja” on the banks of Chinnamasta. The ritual starts at 8 am and ends around 9 am.

“The wind comes and destroys the virus”, Indian new goddess ritual to defeat coronavirus

Women declared it for IndiaToday some hours ago. They sing mantras and offer fruit, vegetables and jaggery to the goddess and some woman of that area states that their hope is real and concrete, that is to say, that paying Corona Devi would ensure the virus leaves them forever. Indeed, Corona Devi has no form. She can be wind, she can be the sun, or she can even be water.

Mantras and offers would allegedly please the goddess and she will send a wind that purifies the human bodies, according to Indian women. In addition to this, some woman denounces the problem of social distancing. One of them runs a grocery shop and she declares that people don’t care about distance norms recommended by the Government and institutions. This is a very dangerous behaviour that surely will cause many infections.

Actually, considering all the facts and scientific evidence we reported in the previous months, the main topic on which people should focus on is personal hygiene and the distance from other people. As tested and scientifically verified, this will surely stop the virus.



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