COVID-19 in Brazil, the worst healthcare scenario is overrunning

At the beginning of June, Brazil, as has been reported, exceeded 40,000 victims for COVID-19. And the situation is not going to be better. Hospitals are overwhelmed, healthcare operators are exhausted and both resources and supplies are scarce. The fear is high.

40,919 deaths and 802,828 confirmed cases in Brazil, declared by the John Hopkins Map (link at the end of the article). Much fear for the current scenario of the pandemic, however, nobody understood how much bad COVID-19 was at the beginning in Brazil. President Bolsonaro was the first to minimize the issue and prohibited lockdowns all over Brazil.

As Brazil is an extremely poor country, where people die from rape and violence every day, it almost impossible to face properly a pandemic like this. Firstly because of the social distancing.  Regarding this, we need just to mention the favela of the Rocinha in Rio, which counts about 350,000 inhabitants piled up on a hill and with a literally open-air sewer at the bottom of the valley. In addition, the situation throughout the natives’ areas is even worse.

Only in Rio De Janeiro (Brazil), 30 doctors and 40 nurses died from COVID-19. A nurse spoke to the CNN journalists and reported that the healthcare issues in Rio are “very complex.” Healthcare units are full, and there are no enough ventilators. And, the scenario is about to be even worse while many will get infected, healthcare and emergency workers, too.

The experience of nurses and medics go against the local government which has recently declared hospital capacity has improved enough. In some cities where mayors imposed the lockdown, they are authorized to ease the measures. Although, cases do continue to rise.



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John Hopkins COVID-19 Map


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