Covid resilience ranking, Norway the best pandemic management country in the world

Here is the ‘Covid resilience ranking’ compiled by Bloomberg: Italy is in 16th place

Good and bad.

The two adjectives refer to the way in which countries around the world have managed Covid in this year and a half of the pandemic.

The former have fought the coronavirus effectively, the latter certainly need to improve their defence strategy.

In Bloomberg’s ‘Covid resilience ranking’, the country doing the best job of fighting the virus and managing the pandemic effectively is Norway

The Scandinavian country, Europe’s northernmost state, has a score of 80.1 and a vaccination rate of 59.9%, according to data from 25 August 2020.

Next comes the Netherlands: the country of the tulips climbs 12 places, registering 75.8 points and boasting a 63.1% vaccination rate.

On the third step of the podium, at a short distance, Finland, which gains one place and reaches 75 points, with 59.3% of vaccinated people.

Ireland moved up four places to fourth place, with 74.6 points and 67.1% vaccinated.

Fifth is Austria, with a score of 74.5 and 58.3% of the population having been inoculated with the Covid vaccine.

In sixth place was Belgium, with 73.5 points and 69.4% of the population vaccinated.

Germany is in seventh place, with 73.4 points and 60.1% of the population vaccinated.

To find the first non-European country, we have to go to eighth place, occupied by Singapore: 73.3 points and 76.7% of vaccinated people for the Asian city-state island to the south of Malaysia.

For the last two places in the ‘Top Ten’ we return to Europe: ninth is Switzerland, which loses seven positions and scores 73.2, with a percentage of vaccinated people of 55.1%.

The same score, 73.2, for Spain.

Last, in tenth position although gaining ten positions, the Iberians close the ranking with 68.8% of the population vaccinated.

Covid resilience ranking, not only virtuous like Norway: and the ‘bad guys’?

If we were to refer to the rhymes of the national Vasco, for Italy they would certainly not be happy notes.

To find the Bel Paese we have to go down to 16th place, despite having recovered 11 positions.

According to the data, the score is 71.7 and the percentage of vaccinated people is 62.8%.

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