CrowdStrike: COVID-19 vaccine laboratories in Japan targeted by hackers from China

Vaccino COVID-19, to report the attacks is the American company CrowdStrike, specialized in computer security. In July accusations against Russia from the USA, Great Britain, and Canada

Some of the Japanese research institutes involved in the research of effective vaccines against the coronavirus have been affected by cyberattacks, of Chinese origin, in what seems to be the first case so far recorded, according to reports by CrowdStrike, a U.S. company specializing in computer security.

The U.S. company has not yet revealed the names of the institutions targeted but said it suspected that “the attacks were carried out by a group of Chinese hackers, according to the techniques used”.

COVID-19, the statements of the director of CrowdStrike

Scott Jarkoff, CrowdStrike’s Asia-Pacific director for the Asia-Pacific region, pointed out that “government-led espionage efforts are intensifying to achieve the goal of developing Covid-19 vaccines.

Last July, the United States, Britain, and Canada also accused the Russian government of espionage operations aimed at stealing information from their research centers.

Also in the same month, the U.S. Department of Justice indicted two Chinese citizens, accused of hacking on behalf of Beijing computer systems of hundreds of companies, local governments, and non-governmental organizations.

Masakatsu Morii, an expert professor of computer security at the University of Kobe, said: “It is natural that information on Covid-19 vaccines is subject to cyber-attacks because hacker groups tend to steal confidential information that is the focus of media attention.

The Japanese government should provide cybersecurity protection and support, not least because it will still take months or years before an effective vaccine is available.

This exchange of accusations tells how decisive, on a political and economic level, the leadership in the field of the vaccine against the coronavirus.

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