Even Valentine’s Day defeats Covid: in Bari the love between two nurses was born in the ward of the General Hospital

14 February, Valentine’s Day dominates. Also the Covid. The tender love story between the two nurses of the departments of Pneumology and Nephrology of the General Hospital of Bari was made public on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day kiss for two nurses of the General Hospital of Bari: the fight against Covid brought them together

The love was born in the ward between gloves, shoes, protective masks that have not prevented them from exchanging complicit glances that have made them a couple.

They are Michele and Antonella, two nurses from the Pneumology and Nephrology wards at the Bari General Hospital.

The university and hospital announced their love story via social media on the day dedicated to lovers: Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day dressed up and in the trenches against Covid but…in love!

In the photo of them, they are harnessed and ready to treat Covid patients but you can see the understanding of love between them that goes beyond the visors.

They met during the toughest months of the health emergency, during breaks from drugs and monitors, when they shared stories of gruelling shifts, fears and the desire to get through it.

This is how their love was born.

“The hospital gave me what everyone dreams of in such a difficult period,’ Michele explains.

A job and nurses, doctors and health workers who have become friends.

But above all, I met Antonella.

Without the hospital, we would never have met.

In fact, Michele took up his duties in March last year in the covid hospital.

“We shared everything with our colleagues, from joys to sorrows. With Antonella, we also shared love”, he concludes.

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