Vax and Go', from today in Rome you can get vaccinated at the airport before leaving: here's how to do it

Vax and Go, the initiative in Rome: get vaccinated at the airport immediately before leaving on holiday or for work

As of today it is possible at Rome’s Leonardo Da Vinci airport, the first in Europe, with Vax and Go

Under the coordination of the Spallanzani Institute, a medical team at Terminal 3 began this morning to administer doses of serum Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson and Johnson both to those who need the booster and to those (in this case with J&J) is not vaccinated.

The available stocks will allow 100 to 150 vaccines per day to be given to anyone who wants them, without any reservation, as long as they have a health card with the Team code.

The governor of Lazio, Nicola Zingaretti, the regional councillor for health, Alessio D’Amato, the president of Aeroporti di Roma, Claudio De Vincenti, the CEO of the company, Marco Troncone, and the health director of Spallanzani, Francesco Vaia inaugurated the new centre in the departure area of the capital’s airport.

I hope that other European airports will follow this exemplary innovation,” explained Zingaretti.

We must take Italy out of the Covid nightmare and give Italians back their freedom to live.

The Vax&go opening today at Fiumicino airport (Rome) is yet another opportunity for Italians to get vaccinated

Our objective is to return to freedom without ifs and buts, and for this we need two things: vaccines and responsible behaviour.

All the rest are antics of those who want to speculate on the emergency.

Instead, we want to go back to having fun without fear, travelling, going to school, university, restaurants, the cinema and shops.

D’Amato recalled that “exactly one year ago, on 6 July, we were the first to do swabs in aircraft, and today we are the first to do vaccines at the airport to increase the supply of vaccines and reach the goal of immunisation as soon as possible”.

De Vincenti stressed that “the spirit with which we have opened this vaccination centre inside the terminal, in addition to the vaccination centre in the airport’s long-stay car park, is the desire for recovery.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Aeroporti di Roma has been equipped to manage passenger flows with maximum safety.

This is a further step that society as a whole needs because it means being able to travel safely for oneself and for others”.

The airport is ‘a symbolic place’ according to Francesco Vaia, for whom ‘transport was perhaps not given enough attention and where the contagion probably formed.

At the time we used to say ticket-tampon, today we can say ticket-vaccine.

We must have this green pass, which is a rewarding act.

Rome airport is considered the safest airport in Italy, also thanks to this great collaboration with Spallanzani and the Lazio Region”.

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