Italy/ Tragedy on Capri, Emanuele Melillo was a Red Cross volunteer: President Rocca's condolences

Tragedy on Capri (Italy), Emanuele Melillo was a Red Cross volunteer, the driver who died in the accident on Capri

The tragic death of Emanuele Melillo, the driver of the bus that crashed on Capri yesterday, has struck a chord with many people.

Tragedy on Capri (Italy): Emanuele Melillo, great mourning for the Italian Red Cross volunteer rescuer

Emanuele Melillo was a bus driver for work and used part of his free time to help others: he was a Red Cross volunteer.

There have been many messages of condolence for the tragic death of the 33-year-old driver of the minibus that crashed on Capri.

One of the many was from Francesco Rocca, President of the Italian Red Cross, of which Melillo was a volunteer: “The tragic accident on Capri has taken away a CRI volunteer, the young driver Emanuele Melillo.

On behalf of the entire Red Cross I express my deepest condolences to Emanuele’s family and colleagues.

I would like to thank the volunteers of the Italian Red Cross-Naples Committee for taking part in the rescue efforts in these hours’.

Antonino Rianna of Mobility Amalfi Coast also expressed his condolences in Positano: “We are close to the family of the deceased driver and to the families of those involved in the accident on Capri, and we are also close to the company.

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