Are you ready for a real immersive ambulance review?

Emergency Live is the first website dedicated to Rescue Professionals that shows up a real 360° view of your vehicle. Really easy to set up and comfortable to use: the 360° view service is a smart and immediate way to show how attractive and unique your products are. Create with us your special service! We can also insert additional photos and videos in our 360° view to highlight devices and details which will convince customers to choose you!


Emergency-Live is the leading European online magazine for EMS Professionals


Our aim? Inform, spread and create a common ground in the emergency field. Because we really believe that, in emergency scenarios, each second counts.

We take the real emergency world to a stunning knowledge throughout every country in the world. Emergency Live reaches a specific audience from each country of the world, providing complete coverage in all markets involved in the pre-hospital and rescue field.

Emergency-Live has an easy-to-digest structure which facilitates the reading and makes it suitable for all. Contents are mostly based on a mixture of news, open debates, events notifications, courses information, brand-new medical equipment and lifesaving practices. We point especially at professionals, but also at amateurs.

Our peculiarity is the sponsorships. Emergency Live realizes special promotions for each customer. Thanks to special advertising campaigns and a specific editorial plan, we can reach many media networks on the market.

We offer an outstanding advertising service and an attentive assistance during the partnership. You will always be updated on the activities and the results of AD campaigns with precision and cordiality. Our experts are always at your disposal for any kind of information, request, and suggestion.


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