Greece, first 5G ambulance set up: from today, patients can also be examined from the operations centre

In Greece, a collaboration between major economic and health institutions has resulted in the presentation of the first 5G ambulance

5G ambulance, Greece enters the future of emergency and rescue

Greece’s most widespread network operator, Cosmote, has presented Greece’s first 5G ambulance.

The rescue vehicle was made possible by the collaboration with the National Centre for Emergency Care (EKAV) and Ericsson.

Fifth-generation networks are contributing in no small part to a revolution in emergency medicine and the rescue network: firstly, they have enabled the advent of remote patient management (e.g. through cameras on helmets and uniforms), but secondly they are suited to more complex and evolving concepts such as automated driving and other innovations.

The 5G ambulance, what they can do from today in Greece

The 5g ambulance pilot implementation included remote patient examination by a doctor from Thessaloniki in an EKAV ambulance from the University of Athens.

The university has made a major contribution to the development of 5G infrastructure and applications and is a long-standing research collaborator of Cosmote.

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