John Malkovich hero of a life-saving rescue. And not on a film set!

The Hollywood star acted as a real hero, the protagonist of a providential intervention.

Jim Walpole, a 77-year-old American, a former employee of General Motors, now retired, was on his way with his wife to Toronto in Canada, where Malkovich is working on a show.

In fact, Malkovich was just coming out of the theatre when he ran into the victim’s wife, who was in tears: her husband Jim had fallen, injuring his throat, and was losing a lot of blood.

Malkovich, who was not immediately recognised by the woman, used his scarf to stop the bleeding and then waited until the ambulance arrived. In order to thank his “angel”, Jim asked him his name, but the actor discreetly and simply replied “John”, and moved away without making himself known.

The VIP rescuer’s identity was later revealed by a man working in the vicinity who stopped to help the couple and recognised Malkovich. 

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