Kiev hosts the 5th EMS championship: 38 paramedic teams compete

The teams from Estonia, Moldavia, Slovenia, Poland and Lithuania competed against each other in Kiev from 22nd to 24th May 2013. Each team was made up of a medic, two nurses and a driver.

The aim was to establish the paramedics’ skills over a three-day period full of tasks and trials.

The championship started with a picturesque line-up of ambulances parading through the streets of the Ukrainian capital, accompanied by their characteristic blues and twos (blue flashing lights and sirens), before the city authorities and the Minister for Health Raisa Bohatyryova.

The “First aid rescue teams 2013 Championship” put into practice the subjects dealt with on a theoretical level in the conference organised during the event. Also during the event rescue workers had attended a workshop on rescue techniques to use in the event of major emergencies, held by the head judge of the event, Arsen Hudyma.

The final decision was the result of a careful assessment of the rescue operations that consisted of attending to a patient with a stomach injury, the reanimation of a patient suffering from alcohol poisoning, the treatment of victims of a road accident and in a major incident at the airport.

At the end of the three days the classification showed that the winners of the competition were the Ukrainian team, who had also won the international EMS trophy the previous February. In second place came the Kharkiv team and in third place another Ukrainian team, from Lviv.

The main technical sponsor of the competition was Spencer, the rapidly expanding Italian company which has conquered the international market with its products and has awarded the top three winners of the Kiev event with supplies of products for emergency rescue.


competition ph. Viktor Kovalchuk

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