European Civil Protection Pool: member states united in emergency

The goal: to enable a faster, more coordinated and effective European response to disasters, whether natural or man-made

The European Civil Protection Pool (ECPP) is a European Union response to emergencies. Established in 2013, this tool brings together and coordinates the resources of 27 member and participating states, providing rapid and effective assistance in the event of natural or man-made disasters.

Why is it important?

The European Civil Protection Pool assumes a crucial role in ensuring the safety and resilience of European citizens in the face of large-scale adverse events. Its importance is embodied in several aspects:

  • Preparedness and prevention: The ECPP fosters collaboration among member states in disaster preparedness and prevention by promoting the exchange of information, the execution of joint exercises, and the development of innovative technologies.
  • Rapid and efficient response: In the event of an emergency, ECPP enables rapid and coordinated activation of available resources, ensuring the timely dispatch of specialized teams and assets to affected areas.
  • Certified Resources: ECPP resources go through a certification process so that they meet rigorous common standards. Certification includes participation of emergency teams in disaster simulation exercises, observed and evaluated by a certification team composed of EU colleagues and staff.

Recent response operations

The European Civil Protection Pool has already proven its effectiveness in a number of response operations to disasters of different nature, among the most recent we see:



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