Excelerate Group: Leading in resilient, secure and rapidly deployable communications

Excelerate is a global market leader in the provision of data, video, voice and Internet via satellite and wireless solutions. As pioneers of the concept of satellite broadband on-board emergency response vehicles, Excelerate now provides independent, private and secure mission critical communications solutions to fire fighters and emergency responders across the globe.

Through innovative and seamless integration, our communications solutions enable emergency responders the ease, freedom and security to rapidly deploy resilient and reliable communications anytime, anywhere.
We have invested heavily in our satellite service provision and offer a choice of satellite systems and bandwidth packages to suit customers’ requirements. 
Our unique Enhanced Resilience Satellite Network (ERSN) is a ground breaking, fully managed service that is the first to be accredited with the ISO: 27001 certification, an internationally recognised standard for security compliance. With expanding operations throughout Europe, the Middle East and Australasia, our team are trusted to deliver world class, mission critical communications to emergency responders, as well as to government, maritime, security, transport, national infrastructure and utilities sectors across the globe.

rescuetecIntegrated communications technology solutions
Excelerate’s integrated solutions provide users with access to a resilient communications infrastructure – supporting data, video and voice applications whenever and wherever required.  Whether integrated on board rapid response vehicles, command & control vehicles or into rugged portable systems, our solutions are customised to users’ needs whilst ensuring they are supported with the most efficient, simple to operate systems.

DDMI user interface: Bringing simplicity & clarity to complex operational environments
Our Digital Dashboard Management Interface (DDMI) combines all communications systems and solutions, including physiological monitoring, into one seamless operating interface allowing personnel to control, monitor and analyse every aspect of an incident from one place. DDMI simplifies complicated technologies, reducing the requirement for human intervention and allowing our customers to focus on their primary duty as emergency responders.

UK More command & control vehicles equipped by Excelerate
In the UK, the majority of Fire & Rescue Services utilise command & control vehicles equipped by Excelerate.  This includes West Midlands, Northumberland, Humberside and Scottish Fire & Rescue Services, encompassing a wide diversity of terrains and geographies, across urban and metropolitan areas to predominantly rural areas, where terrestrial networks might not exist, are unreliable or need extra resilience.  Excelerate’s trusted communications solutions are providing Fire & Rescue teams across the UK with a detailed common operational picture and unparalleled situational awareness throughout an incident ground.

Aus-1_LOWAustralia – Resilient communications for Victoria Country Fire Authority (CFA)
Victoria CFA’s mobile command fleet, including two large incident command vehicles and seven smaller field operative vehicles are all fully integrated with Excelerate’s suite of command and control solutions. The command vehicles were a direct response to the lack of communications resilience experienced by the emergency services during the bushfires of Black Saturday that swept across the state in February 2009. Craig Brownlie, Manager − Structural Planning with CFA spoke on how Excelerate Technology’s solutions had already made a difference in the field: “We have taken the vehicle out on a number of occasions for field-testing. It’s done very well. We have been using the video facility such as the mast camera and the deployable cameras. We have also had the body-worn cameras out for field- testing, live video feeds back into the vehicle from 1.8 km, which is phenomenal. Excelerate have people onsite and available in Australia 24/7, providing exceptional support for the commissioning of these vehicles. There has been support provided throughout the whole process, which has been fantastic.”

Europe – Driving multi-agency collaboration
As the landscape of emergency management changes and interoperability and the sharing of information becomes increasingly more crucial, more blue light services are choosing Excelerate to deliver their mission critical communications solutions. Royal Gibraltar Police plan on sharing their resources across a wide spectrum of applications inclusive of both Fire and Ambulance services. “Excelerate held our hand through the process and helped guide us through getting the right solution for the needs of our Police, Fire & Ambulance service. We have established a very good relationship with Excelerate and I look forward to partnering with them again in the future.” Albert Rocca, IT Operations Manager, Royal Gibraltar Police.

reflex_LOWDeployable data networks
Where responders require resilient, independent communications networks within an incident ground, Excelerate’s RapidNet LTE (4G) communications bubble supports data and voice communications as well as fast internet access for smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices.  RapidNet LTE can be integrated into a vehicle or a portable system and along with a resilient satellite backhaul, provides an ‘all in one’ communications solution.

Vehicle mounted communications pod – ‘Reflex’
Ideal for instant communications on-board rapid response vehicles, Reflex allows personnel to access and share information in real time when first at the scene. The roof mounted communications pod includes our KA rapidly deployable satellite platform, 3/4G failover connections, integrated emergency lights, scene lights and 360 degree camera recording. All of this technology is housed within the pod freeing up space inside the vehicle for equipment and/or personnel. Reflex is universally adaptable and can be transferred to another vehicle’s roof rack as required.

Portable communications pod
With all of the functionality of our vehicle-mounted pod (Reflex), the portable communications pod can be deployed in areas where vehicle access is difficult, e.g. in flood zones or swift water rescues. In the form of a ruggedized wheeled case, the portable communications pod can be quickly deployed by a single person to support critical communications at incidents. It features a satellite backhaul connection for use when terrestrial networks are unavailable.

Camera solutions
Our camera solutions allow teams to extend video coverage at incidents or undertake surveillance of wide areas supporting real time situational awareness. Solutions include body-worn, deployable tripod mounted cameras, Sherpa (our innovative pole climbing camera) and mast-mounted cameras. These can incorporate RapidNet COFDM technology, which improves video transmission over difficult terrains, such as in tunnels and within buildings, providing significant performance advantages over other connection options.  New upgraded features of our body-worn cameras include infra-red, waterproofing and more. We also offer an easy to use unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) solution, providing an instant 360 degree aerial view where required.  Image stills or video can be broadcast back to a compatible device up to 2km.


For further information on the solutions provided by Excelerate Group please visit www.excelerate-group.com

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