OHS, the private company offering health and emergency services worldwide

This too is organised, structured rescue and, for those who provide it, it is also a money-making business.

OHS, Onsite Occupational Health&Safety, founded in 2008 by a US veteran of the medical corps of the Navy Hospital, is an American company based in Princeton, Indiana, which goes wherever health services and occupational health & safety services are required. For example, it operates in developing countries that have few services on the ground. OHS often intervenes in places where medical treatment is inexistent and where there are extra dangers due to inhospitable natural environments.

The company sets up clinics and field hospitals with military tents and instruments similar to those that Civil Protection units around the world make available in the event of major emergencies.

It operates in the US and also outside US borders, ensuring a bespoke plan according to the requirements of each individual client, organising an efficient medical care system in any context and in any part of the world.

The company employs professional medics and, in order to meet demands, its corporate structure allows for recruitment in the area in which the personal intervention has been requested. The OHS business is certified with the Gold Seal of Approval, the registered trademark attesting the quality of its services, both in terms of the medical staff it provides, and for the standard of its medical services.

Each year OHS serves over 300,000 patients, using cutting-edge technology. It also supplies the US Ministry of Defence.

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