Renewable Energy in Public Buildings and Co-operatives in Athens – Resilient Cities in the Word!

Greece is improving its characteristics to face climate change. The idea is to implement the use of renewable energy and make it usable for buildings and co-operatives

According to the European Commission, in France, Spain, Croatia and Greece, citizens have begun to invest in renewable energy cooperatives. However, different legal contexts and lack of support mechanisms mean they still lag far behind northern European countries.

Some of these limitations — depressed macroeconomic conditions in Greece, energy poverty, and lack of social cohesion — can be mitigated by the creation of energy cooperatives in the form of either a social cooperative or a business association. The main objective of this program is to enable the City of Athens to facilitate the development of either energy cooperatives at a neighbourhood level or larger resident consortium, by recognizing potential legal and other barriers and
assisting citizens in overcoming them.

Investment/Partnership Opportunity: Technical expertise and funding mechanisms.

The initiative is currently in concept note phase and would benefit from feasibility studies, maturity studies, and organizational plans. Targeting funding could come from Structural Funds (NSRF 2014- 2020, Municipal and Regional Funds, EU funded programmes).