An italian drone to find and help people buried under avalanche

A drone to increase safety in the mountains, especially for skiers and hikers that are exposed to high avalanche risk. Department of Engineering, Electricity and Information “Guglielmo Marconi” from Bologna University make a series of operational tests in ski resort of Pila in Valle d’Aosta, Italy to test a prototype four-engine capable of capturing and identify signs of the ARVA transmitter (or ARTVA) that all those who moves in high snowy mountain scenario must bring with them. In case of an avalanche burial, the radio signal allows to localize the victim. The project of University of Bologna used a drone that moves quickly and accurately, speeding up the operation of finding and rescuing the buried in the snow, increasing his chances to survive.

“All tests on the functionality of the drone gave a positive result -says Roberto Naldi, UniBo researcher who lead the test crew- no type of problem has occurred with the transmitter, the functionality of the motors, on-board electronics and communication system wifi. Remain to be improved, however, the communication range and battery life, which are affected by low temperatures decreasing voltages”. The tests were carried out over 6.500 feet, with cold temperatures and wind and fog.



Alpine rescue, a new drone tecnology from Italy from Emergency-Live on Vimeo.

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