Ferno Vision Program 2020, a way of looking through the future of the emergency world

Ferno Vision Program 2020, the event that was held recently in the USA about the future of emergency services. The discussion was interesting, passionate and concentrated on the challenging needs of users and workers in the sector. The focus was therefore
on the future of a sector that is increasingly involved in technological advances and in increasingly innovative ways of interpreting emergency treatment. The main theme of the discussion revolved around one question: what will the emergency world be like in
2020? Or how would you like it to be? Providing answers to a wide range of questions was a group of experts on the subject,
the ‘Visionaries’, made up of: James J. Augustine, MD, Matt Zavadsky, A.J. Heightman and David Page.

The conversation started out with affirmations mainly based on how the increase in the market value of emergency services will not fluctuate, but if anything, will lead to an increase in patient and user awareness such that the supplier of what is an essentially
accessory service will become a pivotal market object; Zavadsky maintained that the supplier’s turnover will be closely connected to the precise service it provides to the patient. Consequently, according to the visionaries, the supplier will be in ever closer contact with the patient.

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