How does one become a firefighter? The essential information to become a firefighter in Italy

Become a firefighter in Italy: the path is complex and requires great preparation: firefighters, all over the world and in Italy too, carry out a difficult and complex job, and the people selected must be able to do it

Become a firefighter in Italy, this is how

Theoretically, to become a fireman is no different from what is required is similar to other corps: all that is needed is a healthy physique and sufficiently constituted to face the arduous dangers of this job.

Obviously you cannot apply immediately, but rather you should check whether there are any public notices (or competitions) with which you can participate.

So in a nutshell, the first step is to consult public competitions.

You can check this in different sources:

  • Through the official website of the fire brigade (
  • Through newspapers, any reliable or specialised newspaper.
  • Through an official or reliable channel, through messages from your municipality or even from people working in the same field.

The minimum requirements to become a firefighter:

Before submitting the application however, let’s start by looking at what the various minimum requirements are regarding the various knowledge and legal characteristics, which can help to be called once the application is accepted:

  • The minimum age is 18, while the maximum is 30.
  • An intermediate school leaving certificate is usually sufficient, although it should be noted that having a special qualification is always appreciated.
  • A normal driving licence, although specialisation in specific areas is always appreciated.
  • The absence of any convictions or special records.
  • Full civil rights.
  • A physical constitution that is sufficiently healthy to lend itself to the job.
  • No previous record that may call into question the person’s mental integrity.
  • Most of these details will be verified by an appropriate medical examination and the necessary tests to discern whether one is suitable to be a firefighter.

For example, the need for a strong physical constitution is quite relative and is only emphasised in cases of greater exaggeration.

There is no weight or height limit to become a firefighter, and many of these requirements have been removed over time, the most recent being height, which was removed in 2015.

After your application has been accepted, you have to go through the necessary tests to become a firefighter.
These are mainly two stages: the pre-selection test and the motor-aptitude test.

Depending on the results of the various tests, you can obtain points, up to a maximum of 100.

What does the pre-selection test consist of?

It involves answering questions on subjects you have already covered during compulsory schooling.

In a nutshell, it is a way of ensuring that your mind is still alert and has the necessary basic knowledge.

This small examination also includes questions relating to hypothetical situations in which the candidates’ powers of deduction are tested.

Quite rightly, no one really forbids you from ‘refreshing’ yourself by studying a few textbooks properly before taking these tests.

Remember that at the end of the day, this small exam is designed to give you a better understanding of your reasoning skills, not to check whether you still remember historical or geographical events.

Of course, it never hurts to have an adequate knowledge base.

The subjects that are usually covered during this small examination cover a bit of all fields, so they range from geometry to history, as well as various elements of civic education.


What does the motor aptitude test consist of?

This may sound quite obvious, but there is something else that is not obvious.

In a test of this kind you have to prove that you can cope with at least the minimum of the tough duties of a firefighter, with four specific modules to test the candidate’s physique, motor and reaction skills, as well as an understanding of rescue activities.

This is definitely the hardest part, but it is also the part that can really show how ready you are for such a job.

Having a good aptitude for the normal tools that a firefighter has to use is already a good start, but you must not forget to have a good physical capacity that can also help you to cope with the intense efforts and temperatures that you will have to deal with during the various emergencies.

Following this and once all the tests have been passed, it is time for the final interview.

Once all the final numbers have been passed, you will go on to an oral test that also covers the subjects that were not covered in the pre-selective written test.

This also includes questions concerning computer skills and language skills, the latter with a language that will be specified in the competition notice.

There will also be an assessment of merit, i.e. taking into account educational qualifications and, if applicable, a specialist driving licence.

It is also important to have a higher education diploma or degree, as these can be used as additional points for the final assessment (although not excessively so).

It must be specified that after all, a firefighter performs quite a few functions, dividing himself into various specialisations such as helicopter crew, divers or radioman.

Often you can see the work being done in the public eye, but there is really a lot going on inside, which will become apparent once you join the national corps.


Once you have passed all the tests and examinations, you can finally begin the training required to become a firefighter

The course lasts exactly one year, of which 9 months are devoted to basic training and 3 months to practical training.

After this, one can finally boast of being in the national fire brigade, with the possibility of career advancement after five years of actual service.

This usually concerns access to the position of qualified firefighter, coordinator or expert.

Other positions are usually reserved through internal competitions, which you will learn about when necessary.

Here, then, is everything you need to do to become a firefighter.

If all this is too complex, it is enough to know that it is also possible to become a volunteer firefighter, a completely different branch of the profession that is more open to those who genuinely want to help in the most drastic situations.

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