112: a single number for all emergencies

How the European Emergency Number is Transforming Emergency Response in Europe and Italy

The number that unites Europe in case of emergency

The European Emergency Number (EEN) 112 represents a milestone in the realm of rescue and safety in Europe. Active in all European Union member states, as well as in many other countries, 112 connects citizens with emergency services, ensuring a prompt and coordinated response. Despite some differences in its implementation at the local level, the common goal is to provide a single point of access for all types of emergencies, from medical assistance requests to interventions by law enforcement and firefighters.

The Italian Experience: Between Challenges and Successes

In Italy, the EEN 112 system has evolved through an experimental path that began in 2010, with Lombardy being a pioneer in adopting this model. The Single Response Centers (SRC) of the Lombardy EEN 112 represent an example of how technology and organization can improve the efficiency of emergency services. These centers handle all emergency calls regardless of the dialed number (112, 113, 115, 118, and even the North American 911), ensuring that each request is directed to the most appropriate entity to handle the specific situation. The EEN 112 service not only involves call localization but also offers real-time language interpretation services, access for deaf citizens, and complete call tracking.

Technology and Humanity: The Heart of the System

At the core of the EEN 112 system are operators, highly qualified professionals who handle emergency calls with competence and sensitivity. Ongoing training and the use of advanced technologies enable them to quickly assess the situation and activate the necessary resources to address any type of emergency. The success of the EEN 112 system is based on the integration of human capabilities and technological support, ensuring that every citizen, regardless of the spoken language or the nature of the emergency, can receive help effectively and promptly.

Towards a Future of Increased Security and Integration

The EEN 112 represents a shining example of how the European Union is working to build an integrated safety network accessible to all citizens. The challenge for the future will be to continue improving the integration of emergency services at the European level while ensuring that emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and big data analysis, are used to further enhance the speed and effectiveness of emergency responses. The path taken by Italy with the EEN 112 demonstrates the commitment to ensuring that no citizen is left behind in case of need, aiming for a future where safety is a guaranteed right for all.


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