Allergies: new drugs and personalised treatment

Allergies – it’s time to talk about them: the consequences of the climate emergency include early springs, with the first pollinations occurring as early as the end of February and the beginning of March

This is the case, for example, with pellitory, which is present almost all year round in coastal areas of Italy and has now become a perennial allergen.

This change is also associated with the earlier onset of allergic symptoms in patients sensitive to these allergens.

Today, however, innovative treatments and personalised care are possible to cope with allergy disorders.

The symptom should not only be treated at the time of its most annoying manifestation, but the patient’s immune system should be worked on so that it does not develop symptoms in the first place.

We have treatments available, such as the so-called ‘vaccine’ and specific immunotherapy, which make it possible to desensitise the patient to exposure to the allergen.

Allergies, the new generation drugs

The new generation of antihistamines no longer have the side effects of the older ones, the first of which was drowsiness.

The studies carried out today on these drugs take into account work or school performance so that the patient can have a normal daily routine.

It is therefore important to use antihistamines, which are prescribed in the suggested doses, usually one tablet a day.

In addition, nasal spray combinations of steroids combined with antihistamines are commercially available, which, when administered in the morning and evening, significantly improve patients’ lives.

Monoclonal antibodies and personalised therapies, a new way to fight allergies

The patient’s symptoms and medical history must be analysed in depth.

According to the multidisciplinary approach, the patient should not only be followed by the allergist or pulmonologist, but also by the otolaryngologist and a multispecialist team, who can address the patient’s problems from several fronts.

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