Coronavirus in Israel: the cabinet wishes to impose a new lockdown to stop COVID-19 spread

Israel will probably impose a new lockdown of two weeks since coronavirus cases increased dramatically.

As the number of daily new coronavirus cases passes 4,000 for the first time, the cabinet has approved a three-stage plan to halt the spread of COVID-19, which begins with a two-week national lockdown.

Coronavirus in Israel: a new peak reached: the cabinet asks for a new lockdown

It will probably start next Friday, on the eve of the Jewish New Year holiday (Rosh Hashana). The plan needs to be approved by the full cabinet on Sunday, which will also decide exactly when the lockdown will start, and other controversial details such as the limitations on synagogue congregations.

The plan of this new national lockdown for coronavirus will include the restriction of the movement within 500 meters from a person’s home. Stores will close except for food and pharmacy shops and only people with essential jobs will be allowed to work outside the home. Schools will close as well as all tourism and leisure services, and restaurants will only be allowed to offer home deliveries.

Secondly, in October, if the situation will not be better, they will ban travel between cities within Israel and out of the country. Schools, stores, tourism and leisure services will remain closed and private sector places of work will be limited to 30-50% of regular capacity.

Then, in a third stage, Israel will be able to return to the current traffic plan. Otherwise, a lockdown could continue.


Lockdown to stop coronavirus in Israel: the fights within the cabinet

As the Globes reports, the Israel Minister of Interior, supported the national lockdown. However, Minister of Construction and Housing voted against the plan and launched a personal attack on National Coronavirus Project Coordinator Prof. Ronni Gamzu’s handling of matters.

The severe restrictions of the coronavirus lockdown in Israel come as the number of daily new coronavirus cases has passed the 4,000 thresholds for the first time, with the number of new daily cases nearly doubling since the start of September. 23 people have died over the past 24 hours, according to the Ministry of Health, bringing the number of fatalities in Israel since the start of the pandemic to 1,077.

There are currently 486 people seriously ill in hospital with COVID-19, up from 474 yesterday, including 144 on ventilators, up from 133 yesterday. The main reason for the lockdown is that hospitals throughout Israel say they are close to capacity and that if the numbers continue to grow then the health system is likely to be overwhelmed.



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