COVID-19 in Chile: Critical hospitalized patients decrease by 82%

COVID-19, Chile is living a very favorable moment, in terms of the fight against coronavirus. It should be emphasized that in the country of the capital Santiago at this time is the height of summer, and the local Red Cross is fighting the hot emergency. Notoriously, the coronavirus is highly thermolabile, and this facilitates.

But in fact, it should be emphasized the commitment with which the South American nation is facing the emergency, and the results are there to confirm it.

Yesterday, in a press conference, the institutional leaders have unearthed some very comforting figures, never so good since the beginning of the epidemic.

COVID-19, the press conference of the Chilean government

Minister Enrique Paris stressed, in the presence of the media, that the 77 critical patients registered today are the lowest figure since May 4.

Undersecretary Paula Daza announced that a protocol will be presented on Monday to expand the possibilities for foreigners to enter our country.

On June 26, the number of critical patients hospitalized for COVID-19 reached 437 people, the highest recorded during the pandemic.

Today that number has reached 77 critical patients, a decrease of 82%, as highlighted by the Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, during the report on the coronavirus situation, where he also reported that 13 regions have decreased their new cases in the last 7 days.

“However, I must express an important concern for the municipalities of La Florida, San Joaquín, Quinta Normal, and Lo Barnechea which, unfortunately, have shown a significant increase in new cases,” warned the authority.

Chile engaged in research for COVID-19 vaccines

Minister Paris instead referred to the effort that the country is making in the field of vaccines against COVID-19, stressing that three clinical trials are currently underway and that a commitment has been signed with Covax and some laboratories already present production of vaccines.

“I think it is very important to emphasize that these clinical studies are being conducted in collaboration with 10 Chilean universities that include universities in the metropolitan region and other regions of the country.

Also reborn with great force the dream of redoing vaccines in Chile. I think this pandemic has taught us that we must have more scientific development, more researchers, more people working on these issues, “he stressed.

In the course of the report, the new Undersecretary of Health Networks, Alberto Dougnac, reiterated the task he was given at the time of taking office and said that coordination will be established to design strategies that will allow a return, little by little, to the usual work that was coming. developing.

“I have a very specific mission, which is to take responsibility for responding to all the problems that have arisen as a result of the pandemic, in particular, the development of a special plan to address the delay produced by COVID-19, in terms of primary care and even hospital surgical care, “he said.

COVID-19 report of the Ministry of Health of Chile

The Ministry of Health reported 1,540 positive cases of COVID-19, including 1,044 symptomatic people.

The total number of people diagnosed with COVID-19 in the country reaches 516,582 of which 493,250 patients have recovered.

In terms of deaths, according to information provided by the Department of Statistics and Health Information (DEIS), 64 deaths from causes associated with COVID-19 were recorded.

The total number of deaths amounts to 14,404 in the country.

To date, 725 people are hospitalized in Intensive Care Units, 77 of them in critical health conditions.

In relation to the Integrated Healthcare Network, a total of 353 ventilators are available for the patient who needs them, regardless of the region in which they are located.

With regard to the Laboratory Network and diagnostic capacity, yesterday the results of 34,228 PCR tests were reported, reaching a total of 4,462,086 tests analyzed to date at the national level.

The number of Medical Residences available is 152, with 10,760 places, of which 5,194 places available.


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