Paramedic Law and Ethics Australia, an indispensable guide for paramedic students

Paramedics frequently have to make judgment calls outside the specific framework of protocols or guidelines. When paramedics make a judgment call they would like to be guided by ethical principles and supported by law.

Applied Paramedic Law and Ethics Australia and New Zealand is an indispensable guide for paramedic students, the first of its kind to bring together legal and ethical concepts specifically for the Australian and New Zealand paramedic profession. Using realistic scenarios and extensive case studies, the text explores ethical principles and legal regulations in a clear and engaging style ideal for the undergraduate paramedic student.

This text focuses on the essential concepts relevant for ANZ paramedics required to respond to a range of life-threatening emergencies in often unfamiliar environments. Determining the best course of action in any situation requires an intimate understanding of the profession’s code of conduct and current legal regulations. By covering key areas such as consent, negligence, child protection, mental health and record- keeping Applied Paramedic Law and Ethics Australia and New Zealand provides a fundamental resource for the undergraduate paramedic course.

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