Survivors of CA with good neurological outcome show considerable impairments of memory functioning

gr1Authors: Patrick Sulzgruber, Andreas Kliegel, Cosima Wandaller, Thomas Uray, Heidrun Losert, Anton N. Laggner, Fritz Sterzcorrespondenceemail, Matthias Kliegel
Received: August 13, 2014; Received in revised form: October 14, 2014; Accepted: November 4, 2014; Published Online: November 25, 2014

Published on the Resuscitation Journal on November, 2014

Introduction: Global or regional cerebral hypoperfusion caused by stroke, traumatic brain injury and even coronary artery bypass (CABP) surgery, are well knownas effectors for various types of dysfunction in cognitive performance including memory deficits.1–3 In regard to these findings, the potential effects of cardiac arrest on cognitive performance have been targeted. The cerebral performance category (CPC) scale is a well established tool for evaluation of neurological damage after cardiac arrest and describes patients mental ability from CPC 1 (=return to normal cerebral performance)

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