COVID-19, Japan and China ready to resume commercial flights without quarantine

COVID-19, commercial flights at the start between Tokyo and Beijing: to reveal it sources of the Government of the Rising Sun to the South China Morning Post.

The draft agreement, already at an advanced stage, should be completed by the end of October.

It will cover short- and medium-term business travel: travelers will have to provide an exact itinerary of the trip and exhibit negative tests at departure.

It should be said that Tokyo has already concluded similar agreements with Singapore, South Korea, and Vietnam.

COVID-19, commercial flights at the start between Tokyo and Beijing

The aim is to stem the damage of the extended lockdown.

China is Japan’s third partner, with a trade exchange in 2019 of 280 billion euros.

It must be said that the WHO has also recently invited Europe to follow the example of Asian countries.

In this sense, Myke Ryan, the highest WHO expert on the health crisis, and David Nabarro, special envoy for the fight against the WHO coronavirus, have expressed themselves.

An experiment, the one between China and Japan, to be observed: it could be the near future for Italy if the outcome will be positive.

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