COVID-19 spread a big slaughterhouse in Germany, confirmed cases raised to 1,029. Fear for the community

The employees of one of the biggest slaughterhouse in Germany are facing a violent spread of COVID-19. Authorities declared that 1,029 on 6,500 in the factory turned out to be positive.

The piece of news has been launched some days ago, but numbers were not worrying. Now, the declarations report that more than 1,000 employees of this factory in Germany contracted COVID-19.


COVID-19 invades an entire factory in Germany and now the fear is high also for the entire community

The outbreak happened in a factory run by Tönnies, at the Rheda-Wiedenbrück meat processing plant, in the district of Gütersloh near Bielefeld. The factory has been closed for 14 days following initial reports of the outbreak, which reported almost 600 cases.

Now the situation has been declared to be more serious than before. Thomas Kuhlbusch, the head of the crisis team, declared that all 6,500 workers are in quarantine.

Most of the employees are from Romania and Bulgaria and live in “cramped company-provided accommodation”, as Deutsche Welle reported. The real fear is for the community.


Could COVID-19 had been spread even outside of the factory?

More than 3,000 workers have been tested so far. However, in order to have a complete scenario, it is necessary to test all the employers and the entire community. Many could have contracted COVID-19.

However, Deutsche Welle reported that, despite the increased testing program, authorities have difficulties in finding the addresses of employees. Andres Ruff, the factory’s joint managing director, announced that delays in handing over personnel data had been down to Germany’s strict data protection laws.


COVID-19 spread in Germany – Closure of the entire region is possible

The state premier of North Rhine-Westphalia, Armin Laschet, announced the outbreak can still be contained through a localized quarantine. If the situation may turn out to be dramatic, a comprehensive lockdown in the region may also become necessary.



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