Covid vaccine without puncture, Messina the first city in Europe: the device uses the nozzle

The “device” uses the “nozzle”: a real syringe, without needle, sterile and disposable, able to inject the vaccine in the arm

Nozzle from the USA: what the vaccine looks like without puncture

Messina is the first city in Europe to use an innovative method for administering anti-covid vaccines: the technology, already used in the USA, Australia and India, consists of a high-speed nozzle that completely replaces the use of a needle, i.e. the traditional puncture, and guarantees total absorption of the vaccine by the intramuscular route.

The Ce-certified ‘Comfort-in’ medical device is designed for subcutaneous or intramuscular administration of medicinal substances.

Its simplicity and absolute safety make it ideal for all types of infusion with important advantages for the patient, especially for those who suffer from needle phobia.

Covid vaccine, the device uses a nozzle: a real syringe, without a needle, sterile and disposable

The nozzle is capable of injecting the vaccine into the arm through a 0.15 mm micro-hole that projects the drug into the human body in less than 100 milliseconds.

The initiative, which adds to and does not replace the classic administration of vaccines by syringe with needle, allows the use of different types of vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen, Astrazeneca) and will be illustrated on Wednesday 28 July, at 11: 30, at a press conference in the Hub Fiera di Messina by the commissioner for the covid emergency Alberto Firenze, the general manager Asp Messina, Dino Alagna, and Arturo Maravigna, head of the company Gamastech, which has provided the device of which it is the exclusivist for Europe.

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