Covid, Von Der Leyen: 'The European Digital Green Certificate will help recovery'.

Ursula Von Der Leyen returns to Covid: the Digital Green Certificate will be a concrete help for the Member States, who will mutually recognize data on immunization, negative tests, and the presence of antibodies

Ursula Von Der Leyen: “The Digital Green Certificate will be a concrete help for the Member States to resume movement in a safe, responsible, and mutually beneficial way”

So said European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen at the presentation of a European Vaccine Certificate, stressing that the “data will be mutually recognized in the Member States”.

“The Digital Green Certificate,” Von der Leyen concluded, “will show whether a person has been vaccinated, had a recent negative test, or developed antibodies following recovery from the virus.


“The epidemiological situation is worsening and is worrying,” said Ursula Von der Leyen.

In the foreground are the delays in the delivery of vaccines by AstraZeneca, which, according to the President of the European Commission, “has produced and delivered less than expected, reducing the pace of vaccination deliveries”.

The President of the European Commission pointed out that the Anglo-Swedish multinational “should have delivered 90 million doses in the first quarter, which then fell to 40”, reiterating that “if AstraZeneca had been able to deliver what was promised” now “we would have reached 100 million doses for European citizens by the end of March”.

“To reopen the vaccination campaign, it has to work,” Von der Leyen concluded, stressing the “vital” need to “accelerate the pace of vaccination”.

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