Emergency Expo starts today: here are the links and the info on the first online fair of the Emergency and Rescue sector in Italy

The opening day of the Emergency Expo has arrived: the first online exhibition dedicated to the vast world of Emergency starts today

Before giving E.E. links, URLs, social networks and all that a media age provides, here a few indications

Visitors will have two choices, just like in a live exhibition: they can enter from the Hall and “browse” without a predefined destination, or they can go to the stand they are interested in to talk to a specific exhibitor.

In the first case, our visitor will find our Virtual Tour at the top of the home page, and from the hall, he will be able to go to the different aisles of our main stand.

In the second instance, you can scroll down the home page below and you’ll find a map with the various exhibitor locations.

On the map there are several empty spaces: these are the stands under construction.

As the reader can easily understand, the internal dialogue within companies or organisations is not as fluid today as it was in the pre-Covid era and affects the approval times.

Nothing serious, it is certainly not the most dramatic aspect of a pandemic that has so deeply marked our era.

In the weeks to come, therefore, E.E. (Emergency Expo) will be enriched with new and interesting proposals.

The overall effect is, as we hope, that the question you will ask yourself is: “who knows what Emergency Expo has to offer today?


Visitors who opt for the virtual tour will find themselves in the centre of our hall.

By scrolling with the mouse or on the display of the smartphone, he will be able to make a quick tour of the horizon and click on what fascinates him most.

We have chosen the magnification option instead of the more common “follow dots” option: the latter result in many more “clicks” on the site, but to tell the truth, this is not one of our priorities.

With magnification, the visitor will be confronted with a series of symbols, each corresponding to a possibility that he or she may or may not seize.

You will also see the aisles leading to the various stands in an exhibition hall, and by clicking on the symbol you will be able to see in advance which exhibitors have set up their stands in that aisle.

Naturally, as the number of stands increases, the presentation will be more complex and articulate, and we will introduce hostesses and stewards who will provide detailed information.

In the next few weeks, mega-screens will also appear in the main hall with the daily schedule, live online broadcasts of seminars or webinars or other useful information for the E.E. visitor.


If the visitor has a specific interest (e.g. a company presents an innovative product on a particular day), he, or she, can go to the stand quickly using the map in the second part of the home page.

In that stand, he will find all the contents that the exhibitor has chosen to offer: photos, videos, brochures, direct contacts with one or more departments or sections of his company or association.

In this way, Emergency Expo also intends to become a lounge where exhibitors and visitors can sit down and start a dialogue.


How to access Emergency Expo?  Very simple, just CLICK HERE.

But if you want to keep updated with our news, there are social networks to keep an eye on.

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Emergency Expo starts its journey today. The reaction to the pandemic is its goal. Is it yours too?

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