Is COVID-19 situation under control everywhere? The WHO announced 183,000 cases in a single day

COVID-19 has different behaviours worldwide and it is not simple to determine its spread. Here are the results of the last data collection of the WHO.

In this article, we will report the most significative COVID-19 related situations throughout the world according to the WHO. In particular in the United States, India, Brazil and Italy.

COVID-19 in Italy for the WHO, a country almost out of the storm

The situation in Italy is finally under control. The latest data tell “just” 24 deaths yesterday. Of course, the term “just” should be used in comparison with the dramatic ones of a few weeks ago.
There are many opinions on a possible second wave of contagion. However, it is not so in large portions of the planet. Unfortunately, some of which are still in the 1st phase.


COVID-19 in Brazil, the WHO reports the majority of cases come from here. After it, India and the US

The World Health Organization denounces impressive peaks in Brazil. A high peak of cases also come from India and the United States. The WHO has never registered so many cases of COVID-19 in a single day: in the last 24 hours, there have been about 183,000 new infections worldwide. Brazil contributed the most in terms of cases, with more than 50,000 episodes. India and the United States followed.


WHO, new measures to contain COVID-19

Since the increase of infections numbers, particularly in the American country and some regions of Asia, from India to South Korea, new restrictions have been introduced.

However, situations worldwide are different: if in New York table service in restaurants is resumed only outdoor, in France, students up to 15 years of age have to return to school.


COVID-19, The WHO announced 183,000 cases in a single day – READ THE ARTICLE IN ITALIAN




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