Latin America against COVID-19: 1,650,000 cases exceeded. Most in danger, Brazil and Chile

The total number of infected cases in Latin America and in the Caribbean has exceeded 1,650,000 with almost 8,000 confirmed victims. According to official data of SIR (link at the end of the article), in fact, the total number of infected people on June 14 is 1,657,717 and 79,905 dead.

COVID-19 in Latin America, dramatic numbers of contagion in Brazil and Chile

Over the weekend the data for Brazil seemed to improve slightly, although still dramatically, high. Yesterday, the new cases were about 17,000, compared to over 30,000 daily last week, with about 600 victims.

There is also a significant increase in the number of infected people in Chile, where the winter season is starting. Yesterday there were about 7 thousand cases and about 220 victims.


Latin America, COVID-19 situation country by country

This, in detail, the balance sheet of the main countries:

  • Brazil 867,882 positive and 43,389 deaths
  • Peru 229,736 and 6,688
  • Chile 174,293 and 3,323
  • Mexico 146,837 and 17,141
  • Colombia 50,939 and 1,667
  • Ecuador 46,751 and 3,896
  • Argentina 31,577 and 833
  • Dominican Republic 22,962 and 592
  • Panama 21,418 and 437
  • Bolivia 18,459 and 611.






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SIR official website


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