Moderna: 'Vaccine efficacy drops by 6% every two months after completing the cycle'

Moderna vaccine efficacy: the US company explains that the serum has an efficacy of 93% in the six months after the second dose, a figure that then starts to decline

Covid vaccine efficacy, Moderna’s announcement

“Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine has an efficacy of 93% within six months of the second dose but drops 6% every two months after completion of the vaccine cycle.”

This is reported in a note from the same US company led by Stephane Bancel, who however points out that a ‘booster’ dose is needed in the coming winter season, when antibodies will decline.

However, as Moderna’s CEO himself said, the company is not taking new orders for deliveries in 2021.

Vaccine candidate with high efficacy against Delta, Beta and Gamma variants on the way

Moderna also disclosed that in the meantime it is working on some candidate vaccines as dose boosters, capable of creating a robust immune response against Delta, Beta, Gamma variants.

It must be said that this consideration, made by Moderna herself, seems to reinforce the hypothesis, put forward by many, of the need for a third dose of vaccine.

The scientific community will undoubtedly be able to take a position on this scenario and give the right indications.

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