Turkish Red Crescent team attacked in Syria. A volunteer died during the attack

The Turkish Red Crescent official page published the tragic piece of news yesterday evening. A member died during an attack in Syria. In a tweet, the anger of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent President, Francesco Rocca.

A Turkish Red Crescent vehicle, which was driving from Çobanbey to al-Bab carrying a distinct Red Crescent emblem was caught in a crossfire. Nevertheless, the team got attacked.


Turkish Red Crescent team attacked, a member died: the gunfire

According to the official press release: “Attack was carried out by people wearing masks and with camouflage outfits from two vehicles with no licence plates. A Turkish Red Crescent staff member whose name is Mehmet Arif Kıdıman who works at a clothing distribution point in al-Bab lost his life during the attack. A second Red Crescent staff who was also driving in the car was wounded and another escaped without injuries. The wounded staff member is under medical treatment in Çobanbey and is not in a life-threatening condition. He will be transferred to Turkey after his initial treatment.”

The Turkish Red Crescent President statement and the anger of Francesco Rocca

Turkish association President Dr Kerem Kinik stated: “I strongly condemn the outrageous attack on the staff, who were carrying a distinct Red Crescent emblem during the incident. They were under the protection of international humanitarian law. I believe the perpetrators will be caught as soon as possible. I express my condolences to the Turkish Red Crescent family”. Dr Kerem Kinik headed to the region as soon as he heard of the attack.

In addition, Francesco Rocca issued his personal opinion and admonishment on Twitter:



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