Vaccination begins to show effects in Brazil: overall average deaths from Covid-19 drops for the 9th day in a row

Five months after the start of vaccination in Brazil, hospitalization rates and the overall average of deaths from Covid-19 have dropped considerably across the country. This Monday (5th), 754 deaths were recorded, the 9th day followed by a fall

Brazil: although the general rates remain high and higher than the first wave of the pandemic, the improvement is seen with optimism since vaccination has brought down the number of deaths among priority groups

Thus, with the advance of immunization, the perspective is to stabilize the health system and flexibilize restrictive measures.

For comparison, the elderly aged 60 years or older accounted for 73% of deaths from SRS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) in 2020.

This year, until mid-June, the index fell to 60%. The trend is that this percentage will fall further as the population between 60 and 69 years is completely immunized. According to the Ministry of Health, by the end of June, about 60% of this group had taken both doses or single dose.

In any case, vaccination is slowly advancing in Brazil

The percentage of the population fully immunized throughout Brazil corresponds to only 12.92%. The first dose was applied to 77,487,380 people, that is, 36.59% of the population. Six states still have less than 10% of the immunized population.

The delay in immunization also hinders the economic recovery. According to the latest survey by Sebrae (Brazilian Service for Support to Micro and Small Enterprises), up to 9.5 million small businesses (which corresponds to about 54% of the universe of individual microentrepreneurs and micro and small enterprises) should resume the level of activity equivalent to that recorded before the pandemic by October 10 , estimated date for half of the Brazilian population to be vaccinated with two doses.

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