The most Resilient Cities in the Word! - Metropolitan Urban Forest Strategy in Melbourne, Australia

Climate change is real and natural disasters are even more frequent every year. Populations must understand how to survive in such conditions and safety is not too much.

Resilience is the key, and we want to dedicate the next Wednesdays to celebrate one of the most resilient cities in the world that studied an efficient project to resist in case of catastrophes.


Melbourne AUSTRALIA – Metropolitan Urban Forest Strategy

The urban forest in Melbourne’s city center was recently valued at $700 million, which includes the natural services these trees provide, such as shade and the mitigation of the heat island effect and more permeable surfaces that reduce flooding.

The figure also accounts for the increase in nearby property values. Together with The Nature Conservancy, Melbourne is developing a metropolitan urban forest strategy across its 32 councils. It will unite disparate urban greening efforts and enable new ones by highlighting how and where existing initiatives can be expanded; enabling the sharing of resources and knowledge by linking together currently disparate efforts; providing councils better information about their existing tree canopy cover, making resources available for public and private entities; and providing opportunities for utility providers and infrastructure



Investment/Partnership Opportunity: Innovative funding and financing mechanism owners to address implementation barriers and help make Melbourne greener and cooler.

Inspired by the Murray-Darling Basin Balanced Water Fund, Melbourne is considering the feasibility of innovative funding and financing mechanisms to enable the implementation of the Urban Forest Strategy. Melbourne is seeking a partner to help them scope out possible investment mechanisms to establish and seed a sustainable financing model for the implementation of the urban forest strategy.



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