Bangladesh, Covid-19 strikes again: hospitals saturated, lack of drugs and ICU beds

Bangladesh still under the grip of Covid-19: the number of deaths is about 200 a day, hospitals are saturated and citizens are struggling to find drugs to treat their loved ones

Bangladesh, Covid-19 emergency still putting pressure on Dhaka’s health system

While in many western countries a section of politicians and the public disregard the seriousness of Covid-19 on health systems and the health of individual citizens, despite the many deaths, in vast areas of the world medicines are a mirage and hospitals are facing a health nightmare that seems to have no end.

Bangladesh is struggling with a shortage of drugs, ventilators and beds in intensive care units.

The government hospitals, to which most of the population turn because they are cheaper, are in particular difficulty.

In Jhalokati, southern Bangladesh, the Sadar State Hospital is employing 9 out of 23 doctors for Covid-19

The health facilities run by the local Church have almost all turned into hospitals for Covid-19.

Added to all this is the problem of being able to buy medicine: “In one day I spent 10,000 Bdt [about 100 euro] to treat my wife who suffers from Covid. It is not possible to buy more for lack of money,” a resident of Faridpur district told AsiaNews.

In the run-up to Eid al-Adha (the Feast of Sacrifice), the government has decided to relax its measures to contain the infection, so until 22 July shopping centres, restaurants and livestock markets will be open to the public.

Health experts warn that this will only worsen the situation.

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