The world's most expensive car crash

What is considered to be the world’s most expensive car crash took place in Japan in December 2011. Well, let’s say that it was expensive in terms of the value of the vehicles involved, as nothing is dearer than the life of a person. It was a multi-car pile-up between 13 luxury cars, whichwere being driven at high speed along a Japanese road during an unofficial race.

The stage for this incredible accident was the busy Chugoku Expressway in Shimonoseki, in southern Japan, en route for Hiroshima, where a Motor Show was being held. The images speak for themselves and we can pick out a F430 Scuderia, two F355s, a Testarossa and two souped-up 360 Modenas. Other luxury vehicles involved included a Lamborghini and two McLarens.

The final toll included 10 injured people and damage to the tune of about 3 million dollars; at least the accident that can probably quite seriously be called the ‘world’s most expensive car crash’ has caused a fair amount of work for the insurance companies and the car body shops.

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