Evacuation chairs. A comparison sheet to check out the strengths of each model at a glance

Increasingly technological evacuation chairs with high standards of safety matched by innovative design to satisfy new aesthetic requirements. They are light, easy to manoeuvre, and safeguard the patient with straps that keep him safe during a descent,
with the help of self-braking slide systems. Some models have a telescopic back rest and retractable handles.


material height when open height when folded width thickness when folded weight load capacity
Stryker Stair-Pro® Model 6252 aluminium 95 cm 52 cm 20 cm 14 kg 227 kg
Evac+Chair IBEX  TranSeat 700H stainless steel 110 cm 40 cm 46 cm 36 cm 14.5 kg 159 kg
Spencer Skid Ready aluminium 159 cm 149 cm 55 cm 33 cm 14 kg 150 kg
Exit-Master Versa Elite New MKII Model 107 cm 54 cm 21 cm 14 kg 150 kg
Ferno Ez Glide Model 59 T 130 cm 52 cm 69 cm 15 kg 227 kg


The choice of materials, mainly stainless steel and aluminium, is determined by the need for a lightweight product. Easy to open and close, the latest generation of evacuation chairs take up very little space while offering high levels of functionality. In the event
of an emergency, evacuation operations can be carried out rapidly, without risk to the patient.

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