ZipLine Medical, a new solution for the suture operation

ZipLine Medical is developing unique non-invasive skin closure solutions designed to provide the best of both worlds — suture-like outcomes at the speed of staples, in an easy to use device that decreases the risk of surgical site infection and needle stick injury. In the United States, ZipLine Medical surgical skin closure devices are Class I, Exempt1.

From serial med-tech innovator Amir Belson, comes the ZipLine suite of products. The ZipLine device is an innovative product that looks set to become a vital postoperative tool. Traditional methods for closing surgical incisions are a straight choice between staples or sutures. However, both have their disadvantages. Sutures lead to a better cosmetic outcome, but are time consuming. Whereas staple closure saves time, but may lead to scarring and a poor cosmetic finish. By using the ZipLine technology clinicians now have both benefits.

The device comes in lengths of 8, 15 and 16 centimetres and is made up of two sticky strips connected by a series of plastic ties. A surgeon or nurse places the sticky strip either side of the incision, then pulls on the plastic ties to close the incision gap. Once tightened the plastic ties cannot loosen by themselves. Using Zipline also reduces the risk of surgical site infection, as it is a noninvasive procedure. No doubt this easy to use and quick to apply tool will become a more common sight in our clinics and hospitals.

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