Oxygen-ozone therapy to combat antibiotic resistance

Oxygen-ozone therapy and antibiotic resistance: according to the report Global Research on AntiMicrobial Resistance, published by The Lancet, more than one million people died in 2019 from infections caused by bacteria resistant to multiple antibiotics

Most deaths are usually caused by resistance to antibiotics used in:

  • airway infections
  • intestinal infections
  • urinary and gynaecological infections
  • systemic infections.

How oxygen-ozone therapy works against antibiotic resistance

Oxygen ozone therapy is effectively used in such cases for its bactericidal, fungicidal and virustatic effect.

Ozone deactivates the cell wall components of bacteria and when the cell membrane is damaged, destruction occurs by cytolysis mechanisms.

As far as viruses are concerned, ozone causes the inability of viruses to bind to the receptors of the target cell and therefore stops the replication mechanism.

Ozone therapy has several beneficial effects for the person:

  • Disinfection phase
  • Pain-relieving, anti-oedema, anti-inflammatory effect
  • Immunostimulating effect (rebalances and normalises the immune response to infections)
  • Reactivating effect on microcirculation.

While waiting for new ‘unconventional’ antibiotics to be developed, which do not pose the problem of drug resistance, the ‘most suitable’ therapy for enhancing the therapeutic activity of conventional antibiotics by reducing their massive dosage (and thus their side effects) is precisely oxygen-zone therapy; at present, this is the only way to combat the problems of drug resistance in bacterial (and viral) infections.

Oxygen-ozone can be administered, depending on the disease, by bladder insufflation, vaginal insufflation, rectal insufflation, and systemically (GAI).

In conclusion, it can be stated that oxygen-ozone therapy is indicated in cases of antibiotic resistance and especially in:

  • chronic and interstitial cystitis
  • urethritis and prostatitis
  • fungal and virus infections (including Long Covid syndrome).

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