Pilgrims assistance in Saudi Arabia: $4,000 of bursary to a doctor student who wishes to assist pilgrims in Hajj

A considerable bursary to the 21-year-old doctor student who wishes to provide pilgrims assistance at Hajj, in Saudi Arabia.

From Wuhan to Saudi Arabia, a young doctor student – Adam Farid Tang Ming Yang – hopes to take care and provide emergency medical assistance on pilgrims at Hajj after he finishes his course in medicine at Tongji Medical College.

Bursary to the young doctor student who wishes to assist pilgrims at Hajj

The 21-year-old doctor student discovered the need for doctors to be part of Hajj missions from Singapore to Mecca in Saudi Arabia after speaking with friends who had gone on the pilgrimage.

On Straits Times, Adam expresses all his desire to “go and help”. “That’s a dream of mine, to be able to help,” he said. On Saturday, Adam received a bursary of $4,000 from the Muslim Converts’ Association of Singapore. The bursary covers converts, children of converts and those born Muslim.

According to what the Straits Times reported, a total of $118,000 was given to 61 students pursuing either a diploma or a degree. Adam who is in the second year of his studies said that the award will help with his school fees.

Adam decided on the university because of cost constraints and the good reputation of the school. His course has been moved online indefinitely because of the coronavirus pandemic and he left Wuhan in January.

Pilgrims assistance: Adam’s vocation in medicine to help who need the most

Adam always wanted to study medicine in Singapore after graduating from Nanyang Junior College but was unsuccessful in his university application. “He then went on the unconventional path of studying medicine in China because the six-year course is less expensive there, compared with more popular options in Australia and Britain. He said he decided to be a doctor after a three-day observer stint at a family clinic, where he watched how the doctors tended to the needs of patients.” He confessed that he always found magic in healthcare, in medicine and that he doesn’t want to be someone who just gives treatment. He wants to be someone there for his patients.



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